Control and selection



E. Tamarit is immersed in a continuous process of quality of all its horticultural products.


With the objective of satisfying consumer needs with greater acceptance, it demonstrates its commitment to the quality of its fruit and vegetable products by controlling all production, in the field (integrated production) and storage, handling and packaging of products (HACCP, EUREGAP system). 

The production in the field is based on the recommendations of Good Agricultural Practices. It is about an agriculture based on a specific treatment of the production, on the scarce use of fertilizers, it is a better water management developing the best practices for the production of horticultural products.


In the field they apply a series of norms that stays during all the cultivation of the citrus fruits that are the following.


-Preparation of the land: Eliminating vegetable remains from previous crops, using proven techniques to improve or maintain the structure of the soil.


-Plant: plant material accompanied by an official certificate guaranteeing plant health.


-Irrigation: the most efficient and commercially practical irrigation system is used, optimizing consumption and minimizing water losses.


-Fertilization: the amount and type of fertilizer to be used by technically responsible and competent persons is calculated.


-Weed control and control of pests and diseases: It is achieved through the minimum and adequate use of phytosanitary products and the implementation of Integrated Pest Management Systems.


-Collection and post-collection: procedures are established for the collection and handling of products collected.

The systems applied in the warehouse are intended to ensure quality according to EUREGAP standards. A system of analysis of irrigation and control of citrus points (HACCP) is carried out. Therefore, the quality controls applied are the following:


-Internal quality analysis: controls are carried out on "Brix, acidity, maturity index,% of sizes, color measurement and fruit quality.


-Control of the application of treatments in drencher.


-Control of conditions in conservation and decertified chambers.


- Depalletizing / dump control: the quantities of fruit dumped to line are controlled by reading pallets.


-Control of post-harvest treatments: registration of online treatments, doses of fungicides, wax doses, etc.


-Control calibration: correct calibration of the fruit.


-Control of end of product: record of the control of the made fruit (but correct, labels, quality required in the notebook, correct number of fruits, correct size).


-Commercial life control.


-Control of pre-cooling: correct temperature of the fruit before being loaded in the truck.


- Traceability control: It allows tracing the registered product to the plot where it has been cultivated.

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