History and evolution


E. Tamarit Export SA

is the leading company of a group of

   production, preparation and handling aswell as the

               commercialization of horticultural product , being

specialized in citrus.


Packaging and commercialization companies

E. Tamarit Export, S.A.


Production companies

Frutamer, S.L.

S.A.T. 5428 Virgen del Patrocinio.

 S.A.T. 193 Valenciana de Frutas y Hortalizas.

Pimentero, S.A.


We are farmers for over ten generations and packers and marketers from the decade of the twenties of the twentieth century. The result today is a group of companies that have managed to combine traditional love, care and dedication, passed from generation to generation, with the more sophisticated methods of modern farming.


Consequently nowadays we have earned a production of great prestige diversified in the most optimal production areas, having skillfully and appropriately adopted different varieties to

different soils and climates.


Therefore Tamarit is able to offer directly from the producer, for the wider calendar, the

different varieties at the right time of quality and taste.



      We have more than 450ha in production and we have three modern

       packaging warehouses with four packaging lines of citrus in any

type of confection required for the client.

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